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Barbiturates are central nervous depressants. They reduce the activity of nerves causing muscle relaxation. They can reduce heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. All barbiturates affect gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter (chemical) that nerves use to communicate with one another. Barbiturates have a sedative or tranquilizing effect with low dosages which can induce sleep. Higher doses can act as anticonvulsants or anesthetic.

Barbiturates Uses

The very first uses for barbiturates were for sedation and the inducement of sleep until they discovered that it was also an effective treatment for epileptic seizures. Over the years barbiturates have found their way into a few other applications depending on the dose and how fast-acting they are.

Ultra Short Acting Barbiturates

The ultra short acting barbiturates are given before surgery to induce anesthesia, or the temporary state that includes one or more of the following: Paralysis (muscle relaxation), Analgesia (relief from pain), Amnesia (loss of memory), Unconsciousness

Examples of barbiturates used for this application are thiamylal (Surital), methohexital (Brevital) and thiopental (Pentothal). These drugs are administered under controlled hospital settings.

Short Acting Acting Barbiturates

Barbiturates under this category are prescribed as sleeping pills and sedatives for humans. For animals, vets use pentobarbital to induce anesthesia or to put suffering animals to sleep. Examples of short-acting and intermediate-acting barbiturates include secobarbital (Amatyl, Seconal), pentobarbital (Nembutal), bubalbital (Fioricet, Florinal), talbutal (Lotusate), aprobarbital (Alurate), butabarbital (Butisol) and a mix of secobarbital and amobarbital (Tuinal).

Additionally, secobarbital and pentobarbital are the most commonly used barbiturates for physician-assisted suicides.

Long Acting Barbiturates

Long acting barbiturates are used to help patients sleep. They are also used for day long sedation for people being treated for anxiety. When used with other drugs, long-acting barbiturates are used to control the pain from migraine headaches and to treat convulsive disorders like epilepsy. The oldest drug in this category is Phenobarbital.

One other interesting use of barbiturates is in the field of psychology, law enforcement and the military. This application involves sodium pentothal in particular, more popularly known as the “truth serum”. This drug allows access to the levels of human consciousness that are normally only tapped in dream or trance state. The drug is therefore used on traumatized WW2 soldiers during therapy. Under the influence of sodium pentothal, these soldiers are able to relive and better verbalize their battle experiences buried deep enough by voluntary recollection. The drug also takes away a person’s normal levels of inhibition, making them more forthcoming with information that they would otherwise withhold. It is thus used by law enforcement on prisoners and other crime suspects under investigation.

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Examples of Barbiturates

Available in the US include: Amobarbital for sale (Amytal), Butabarbital for sale (Butisol), Pentobarbital for sale (Nembutal), Secobarbital for sale (Seconal), Belladonna and Phenobarbital for sale (Donnatal), Butalbital / acetaminophen / caffeine (Esgic, Fioricet), Butalbital / aspirin / caffeine (Fiorinal Ascomp, Fortabs).
Barbiturates can be administered in a variety of ways and come in different forms: Barbiturate Capsule, Barbiturate Elixir, Barbiturate Enema, Barbiturate Solution, Barbiturate Suppository Barbiturate Suspension, Barbiturate Tablet.

Barbiturates Side Effects

It is recommended for people who take barbiturates to visit their doctors regularly, ensuring that the drug is working as it should while watching out for unwanted side effects. This is especially important if there are other medications involved, like if a person is taking antihistamines, cold medicines, muscle relaxants, OTC pain relievers or if a person is drinking alcohol. The combined effects of barbiturates and these other drugs and substances on the central nervous system can be very dangerous and may lead to unconsciousness or even death. Anyone who experiences symptoms of an adverse reaction to barbiturates or a possible overdose should seek emergency medical assistance immediately.

Barbiturates Symptoms include:

– Breathing problems
– Severe confusion
– Severe drowsiness
– Severe weakness
– Slow heartbeat
– Slurred speech
– Staggering

Special Conditions

Children are particularly sensitive to these barbiturates drugs, with increased chances of side effects like extreme and heightened excitability. In older and very ill people, barbiturates can cause depression, confusion, and unusual excitement.

The results of certain medical tests may also be affected by barbiturates, so it is important for patients who take barbiturates to inform the attending health care professional before any tests are performed.

People with certain medical conditions are at higher risk of complications due to barbiturates especially as it is very likely that they are taking some medications to address their issues. Again, attending physicians should be made aware of these medical conditions if they are writing out prescriptions for barbiturates.


Barbiturates increase the risk of prolonged labor and birth defects in pregnant women. The newborn may also suffer from barbiturates withdrawal symptoms. If a pregnant woman is ever faced with the decision to take barbiturates due to certain serious or life-threatening conditions, she must be made aware of all the benefits and risks involved in order to make an informed decision. Barbiturates should not be used during pregnancy; they may harm a fetus. Withdrawal symptoms occur in infants born to mothers who receive barbiturates in the last trimester of pregnancy.


Babies may suffer from slow heartbeat, breathing problems and drowsiness from barbiturates taken by their mother. Nursing mothers should first consult with their physician before taking barbiturates.


Past allergies to barbiturates and other allergens should be pointed out to a prescribing physician if a new prescription is to be written out.

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Nembutal Sodium Solution

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Pentobarbital Powder

Each pack contains 15 grams of Pure Pentobarbital Sodium Powder. It’s a short-term barbiturate to treat insomnia, induce sleep for surgery, emergency treatment for seizures.

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