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People are eager to talk about the choices they have made at the end of their animal’s life. Sometimes I ask, but more often people say without provocation something like this: “I just wish we could be so compassionate with people.” Many have had the experience of watching a (human) loved one die a protracted and ugly death. Almost everyone I talked to—above all the veterinarians—spoke in favor of assisted dying for humans. “There should be a way out,” people say. If we can do this for our pets, why can’t we show the same compassion for our human loved ones?

It may be breaking an unspoken taboo in drawing a comparison between animals and humans, but we think the comparison raises important questions. Should we be more open to euthanasia in the human realm? Should we, on the other hand, be a little more circumspect in how easily we apply euthanasia to our animal companions? Our Clients Prefer Our Services!

Human Euthanasia - Assisted Suicide

Euthanasia is performed by the attending physician administering a fatal dose of a suitable drug to the patient on his or her express request. The relevant Dutch legislation also covers physician-assisted suicide (where the physician supplies the drug but the patient administers it). Palliative sedation is not a form of euthanasia: the patient is simply rendered unconscious with pain reducing drugs and eventually dies from natural causes.

What the law says
Euthanasia and assisted suicide are legal only if the criteria laid down in the Dutch Termination of Life on Request and Assisted Suicide (Review Procedures) Act are fully observed. Only then is the physician concerned immune from criminal prosecution. Requests for euthanasia often come from patients experiencing unbearable suffering with no prospect of improvement. Their request must be made earnestly and with full conviction. They see euthanasia as the only escape from the situation. However, patients have no absolute right to euthanasia and doctors no absolute duty to perform it.

Guidelines for euthanasia of semi-conscious patients
Sometimes, a patient may lapse into semi-consciousness just before a scheduled euthanasia. If there are still signs of suffering, the doctor may perform euthanasia despite the patient’s lowered consciousness. This is laid down in guidelines on the subject prepared by the Royal Dutch Medical Association at the request of the Board of Procurators General of the Public Prosecution Office and the Healthcare Inspectorate. These guidelines on euthanasia of patients with lowered consciousness do not represent any implicit relaxation of the law; they are merely designed to provide guidance for physicians in this difficult situation.

Euthanasia and assisted suicide
Termination of life on request can take two forms. In the case of euthanasia, the physician administers a fatal dose of a suitable drug to the patient. In assisted suicide, by contrast, the physician supplies the lethal drug but the patient administers it. Both forms are covered by the Act and in both cases doctors must fulfil the statutory due care criteria.

Euthanasia and patients with dementia
For some people, the prospect of ever suffering from dementia may be sufficient reason to make an advance directive (living will). This can either be drawn up independently or discussed first with the family doctor. A physician can perform euthanasia on a patient with dementia only if such a directive exists, if statutory care is taken and if, in his opinion, the patient is experiencing unbearable suffering with no prospect of improvement.

Review committee
Doctors have a duty to report all unnatural deaths to the municipal pathologist. In cases of euthanasia, the latter then notifies a regional review committee. Such committees comprise, at the minimum, a medical doctor, an ethicist and a legal expert. The committee assesses whether the physician who performed the euthanasia has fulfilled the statutory due care criteria.
. The statutory criteria and the findings of the review committees tell doctors how their actions in particular cases are likely to stand up to legal, medical and ethical scrutiny.

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